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Carollee is Retiring –from SD#60 but NOT from math!! May 21, 2014

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Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 1.52.20 PMIt is with great delight that I let you all know that I am retiring from my position here at School District #60 Peace River North. I am off to live in Comox, BC, on Vancouver Island, near my daughter and her family. I will be leaving The North in just a couple of weeks after being here for many, many years.

I will NOT, however, be retiring from MATH! I will certainly continue with this blog, and I will continue to work with schools and districts to work toward better math instruction and learning. My time for such involvements will be much more flexible and I am looking forward to new endeavours.

If I have had an impact on YOUR teaching, thinking, etc., or if you are just wanting to send good wishes, feel free to contribute to the google presentation that will be shown at the retirement tea on June 3. (I am under strict orders to NOT visit that site so as to be surprised at the tea itself!)

The google presentation site is this:    (You will have to copy and paste this one as I do not want to open the link myself LOL).

This has been a great journey, but it is time for a new chapter.

Mathematically yours,


PS: The poster is the handiwork of my colleague and friend Toni Thompson.


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