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Notre Dame School, Dawson Creek, BC May 2, 2014

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Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 2.44.48 PMA big shout out to the staff of Notre Dame School in Dawson Creek, BC! The session last week , focusing on Number Sense, was designed to help you take positive steps in your classroom. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation!

Hilde Howden’s definition of number sense is still my favourite of all the ones I have come across. Read it through and decide which are the 3 most important words in it. I’d love to hear your choices!

Students build number sense mainly as a result of the math experiences we offer them, and so it is critical that we make sure to provide a rich mathematical environment. Talking about and working with number relationships is worthwhile. Additionally, making sure students have lots of concrete materials and visual representations will help them build a better understanding of numbers.

Remember, math is supposed to make sense for EVERY student EVERY day!

Mathematically yours,



One Response to “Notre Dame School, Dawson Creek, BC”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Thanks, Carollee! My students love their 100 dot arrays for problem solving with division with remainders, and we have fraction pocket charts ready to go!

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