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NCTM 2013 Denver Presentation April 18, 2013

NCTM workshop picI am looking forward to a great hands-on session tomorrow as we are “Packing a Powerful Punch with Patterns” (presentation #500, located in the Hyatt Regency, Centennial Ballroom E beginning at 1:00). We will be focusing on how to help students make the transition from basic patterning skills to algebraic thinking, uncovering the deeper math that is embedded in patterning. Our vehicle will be growth patterns that we make out of pattern blocks. If you are here in Denver this week, I hope you are able to join us for the session.

The handouts given out in the session were a truncated version of the PowerPoint presentation, and as promised I am making the full version of the handout available here. If you use these in your classroom, I would love to hear from you about the lessons and even see some samples of student work, too.

Mathematically yours,

grow pat chart pic


2 Responses to “NCTM 2013 Denver Presentation”

  1. A possibility, Nicole. I will have to look into the logistics of that (and the ethics part — getting permission to post images of students and such). I am not sure how “high tech” the equipment has to be to get a decent quality video, but as this has been suggested before I will definitely check it out. Thanks for asking 🙂

  2. Nicole Says:

    Hey Carollee!

    Would love if you could video your lessons and maybe post them here or on youtube. Would be a great learning tool for all of us teachers!! Could that be a possibility?

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