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Salt Spring Island Day 2 April 6, 2013

salt spring pic Day 2 was another busy day for me in the town of Ganges on the lovely Salt Spring Island. First off there was a three-hour workshop for Primary teachers. Our focus was on the big ideas about numbers that we should be working to establish in young children, and how those big ideas could be “layered” or built upon for older students. Those number relationships are a huge part of overall “number sense” which we hope students will build as they explore numbers in many different ways.

After lunch was another three-hour workshop, this time for Intermediate teachers. Delightfully, some of the participants from the first workshop were back for more math! We had a grand time, even if I must say so myself! Our focus was on strategies for doing the major operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and tools that would support those operations.

Intersperced in both sessions were lots of examples, stories, and of course, the occasional “math woo” when we just could not contain our excitement. (Ok, I was the one doing the most woo-ing, but how can you not get excited over math!)

I mentioned to the participants that I would post some things for them, so here they are

large 100 dot array

small 100 dot arrays (in two sizes)

• mini blank 10 frames for students to use in problem solving: 27 per page40 per page

10 frames for students (with dots)

teacher 10 frames (with dots)

mini 100 blocks of ten frames

problem solving rubric

If I have missed something that I promised, please let me know and I will add it to the download list.

I had a wonderful time talking math with all those who came to the sessions both days. I hope I am privileged to come back for another round one day!

Mathematically yours,


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