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Salt Spring Island: Day 1 April 4, 2013

salt spring air pic I boarded this float plane this morning for a quick flight from Vancouver to Salt Spring Island (flying Salt Spring Air) where I was greeted on the dock by my host for these two days, Kelda Logan. We hurried off to Gulf Islands Secondary School to get set up for the day’s session with middle and high school teachers.

My thanks to all the participants for their hard work as we made our way through the day’s content:
• Discussing what it means to “do math”;
• Looking at what we really want to see in our math students (regarding their knowledge and personal qualities)
• Looking at how to increase the use of mathematical processes in classrooms;
• Examining different tasks/activities/problems and looking at the “richness” (or lack thereof) they offer
• Discussing ways to build a culture in the classroom that supports deep thinking
• Using rubrics to evaluate problem solving, and to help students learn to self-evaluate their own work (download the rubric here)
• And, of course, we spent some time playing with numbers ourselves!

My thanks also to all of the parents who came to the parent meeting after school and who were game to play with numbers and look at math from a different perspective! Hopefully your brain, stretched today, will not be able to return to its original dimensions (to loosely quote Oliver Wendell Holmes)!

I am looking forward to two great sessions tomorrow, first with primary teachers, and then with intermediate teachers! So much math, so little time!!!

Mathematically yours,


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