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SD#60’s 6th Annual Parent Conference February 18, 2013

parent_conference2013School District #60’s Annual Parent Conference is just around the corner. I am delighted to again be presenting two sessions at the conference.

First, for parents of primary-aged children (K-3) there is the session Numbers, Numbers Everywhere! This session offers visual tools and strategies geared towards a new wayof thinking about mathematics! We will explore early numeracy concepts and ways to support your child’s learning in math.

For parents of intermediate-aged  children (grades 4-7) there is the session Understanding Math in the Intermediate Years. Parents often wonder why their child’s math looks different from the math the parent did in school. This session will offer visual tools and strategies geared towards a new way of thinking about mathematics! We  will explore mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and mathematical concepts (place value, fractions) in ways that help parents and students make sense of the math.

More information about the conference, as well as registration information, is available here.

I am sure you won’t be disappointed in any of the conference sessions, but I especially hope you will join me for math!

Mathematically yours,



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