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Approximating the Square Root of Numbers — Play the Game! October 13, 2012

For those teachers who are looking for a way to have their students practice approximating square roots in an interesting manner, Richard De Merchant (a friend and colleague) has created a game for just such a purpose.

He explains how to play the game and adds some other helpful tips on his blog Math in the Middle (click here for the link to this particular post).

If this is something your students need practice with, then I heartily recommend that you check out this game 🙂

Mathematically yours,


2 Responses to “Approximating the Square Root of Numbers — Play the Game!”

  1. Ms. Wagner Says:

    I love reading your blog Carollee! Thanks for reposting this… it spurred an idea for my own classroom on how I could use it with my grade 11s! Hope you’re well – I have missed seeing you this year! xoxo

  2. Thanks Carollee. We are entering the last few days of our tournament. Things are heating up.

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