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Math Alphabet Posters September 24, 2012

One of the teachers in my district (thanks, Angela G.!) sent me a link recently to a site where one can download a set of alphabet posters. The wonderful thing about them is that they have a math focus! The picture/word for every letter makes reference to a math idea. Some of the words may be a bit advanced for an early primary class, but the set is certainly useful for later elementary grades, or even middle school classes.

I have printed these off, laminated them, and hung them in my room at Charlie Lake School, and, I must say, they look wonderful. Thank you to the creator, “Little Lovely Leaders”, from the Teachers Pay Teachers website for this resource. At the time of posting, the pdf file of the posters is free to download, so if you are at all interested I suggest you don’t delay 🙂

Click here for the link to the posters.

I hope you enjoy the math alphabet posters as much as I do.
Mathematically yours,


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