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NCTM Sessioin: Packing a Powerful Punch with Patterns April 23, 2012

I am excited to be heading off to Philadelphia later today for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) national conference. I am also delighted to have the privilege once again of presenting a session at the conference.

My presentation this year is “Packing a Powerful Punch With Patterns: Foundations of Algebraic Thinking”. Elementary teachers are often involved with patterning with students, but don’t always have a clear vision of where the patterning leads in the algebra strand of mathematics. My session in Philadelphia will explore this. We will look at types of patterns, and then go more deeply into growing patterns as we examine how to translate the pictorial view of the pattern to an algebraic function or rule.

If you are at the conference I hope you will join me Thursday at 1:00 pm (Session #195, room 204A of the convention centre). It will be hands on and lots of fun!

Mathematically yours,

click here for conference handouts


One Response to “NCTM Sessioin: Packing a Powerful Punch with Patterns”

  1. Valerie Smith Says:

    Well thought out activities. Il like the idea of the teach each strand each term. Weaving the other strands is a brilliant idea. May I see a sample lesson out line Thank you for your time and effort

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