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Combined (“Split”) Grade Math Learning Outcomes: BC/WNCP October 20, 2011

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Tomorrow morning I am doing a professional development day session about teaching math in “split” or combined grades. It is helpful for teachers of such “split” grades to have side-by-side learning outcomes for their particular grades.

Teachers from the Vancouver IslandNet worked to prepare tables with the learning outcomes for different grades “matched up” in that manner. In other words, for the two (or three) specific grades, all of the outcomes are listed, each beside the outcome(s) that correlate between those grades. If an outcome in one grade does not specifically correlate to the other, then it is suggested that students in the other grade may either explore or review the concept. Such a chart is a very handy tool to have when planning!

This link will take you the the Vancouver IslandNet At-A-Glance Project. The learning outcomes for British Columbia (and any other province or territory using the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol [WNCP] math outcomes) are available here for single grades, combined grades (two), or mulitgrades (three).

Our thanks to the IslandNet group for providing this valuable resource!
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