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“Each Orange Had 8 Slices”: Exploring Multiplication September 7, 2011

This is a great book to help students develop an understanding of multiplication. It is important that students internalize that multiplication and its inverse operation of division are always, always, always about groups of things. One of the factors in the multiplication problem must name the grouping mechanism.

When I used this with my grade two and thee classes last school year, I read the book to them. After that I set the kids the task of using the pattern of the book to create their own grouping page.

Here are several examples of the students’ work. I created the template for them to use (with prompts beneath the blanks to help them make their statement properly). As a bonus, the finished pieces made a great hall bulletin board! I was always looking for interesting math to post for public viewing. Note: the “teacher” line is because I was doing this with students from 4 different classroom teachers and needed to keep classes straight!

It is an easy lesson to do, but it helps develop the concept of multiplication. Give it a try!

Mathematically yours,


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